Tahir Hasanovic: Social polarization and the global future

We invite you to a lecture “Social polarization and the global future” organized by the Digital Sociometrics Lab and ADA Consortium on Monday, November 30th, 12:00, at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (45 Kraljice Natalije St., 4th floor) on Zoom platform (link). Please fill out the form below to book your place.

Covid-19 pandemics made an enormous impact to societies around the globe. This global issue triggered conspiracy theories and increased social divisions. Some national leaders have arisen against domination of multinational companies. What are the differences and common points between globalist and nation centered approach to society? Where does this division take us? What is the role of tech companies? Do we live in a new world? What awaits us in the future? Business leader Tahir Hasanovic will present his take on these issues, while being interviewed by Ljubisa Bojic, coordinator of the Digital Sociometrics Lab.


Tahir Hasanovic

Business leader, former director of the Serbian branch of the Trilateral Commission

Person who creates bridges where others would like to tear them apart. These words could describe Tahir Hasanovic. He has had important roles in political life of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY), as president of Youth Organization and member of Presidency at the Central Committee. After that period Tahir had been acting as the opposition to president Milosevic in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS), where he had been president of the Cadre Committee, which oversaw all appointments to government and state-owned industry posts. Tahir’s political engagement lasted until 2003. when he dedicated himself to business. In this new role, Tahir has been CEO of several successful companies from different areas. At the same time, he had been contributing as an executive director of Serbian Branch at the Trilateral Commission, on his personal mission to connect Serbia to the world. Being political veteran and prominent businessman Hasanovic will attempt to put a light on current world issues, including economic, social and political turmoil.

Digital Society Talks is a forum organized by the DigiLab to bring together entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society, public officials and business leaders in a discussion about impact of digital technologies to society and global future. The goal of each conversation is presenting possible solutions to economic, social and political challenges.
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